When I began freelance illustrating in the mid '90s, I worked in Freehand on a mac almost exclusively, creating clean vector lines and flat fills, with rarely a hand-drawn line to be found. Nowadays, everything I do starts with drawing, and I use the computer mostly to facilitate - adding colour to hand-drawn lines and scanned-in textures. I almost never use colour on paper - and I almost never draw on the computer.


I've written two children's books, and illustrated many more. Illustrating other people's work is an unadulterated pleasure - on the other hand, writing my own picture books is an excruciating business that I really ought to do more of. 

I also write and draw comic strips and cartoons, many in collaboration with Pascal Wyse, as Berger & Wyse. We wrote a weekly four panel strip called the Pitchers in the Guardian from 2000 until 2006, and since then we have created a weekly single-panel cartoon about food for the Weekend magazine. Whilst the process of scaring up ideas can be agonising, telling jokes in cartoon form remains one of my favourite things ever.


I live in Bristol, England, with my wife Charlotte, our three daughters and a female cat and a female dog.
We really need to get a tom-cat . . .