Leave to remain

This is me, as seen from the door to my studio. I'm going on holiday for a couple of weeks, and it is customary at our studios to put a note on your door letting people know you're not about. I thought I'd do a drawing of me where I'm usually seen as people pass my door, and I've blown it up to fill the window.

In real life I'm probably bigger in my chair than this, though something about the proportions resonates for me.

It's funny how creating characters with outsized heads, long thin limbs etc can drastically change the tone of a drawing or cartoon. Certainly with children's books I always think the head to body ratio will have a huge impact on how old a character feels. If a child protagonist feels too old, making the head bigger in relation to the body will usually help shave a few years off.
I suppose it's only a mild exaggeration of reality.

On the other hand, in the drawing above I look like a grown-up, despite being small and having a big head - so length of limbs and body play an important role too.
Alright, and lack of hair, I'll concede that.